Hikers work up an appetite on Mt. Lemmon

Fall leaves on Mt. Lemmon; Photo by Carol Burke.

Fall leaves on Mt. Lemmon; Photo by Carol Burke.

Karen Gray

Ten hikers set off for Mt. Lemmon to hike Aspen Loop and Marshall Gulch trails. As it was Oct. 24, they were hoping to see some nice fall foliage. They hiked up the Aspen side—the hard way—and enjoyed some nice views and a little bit of color while doing some heavy breathing.

Many of the Aspens had already lost their leaves, so the brilliant yellows did not appear. At the usual spot for lunch on this trail, they topped for a rest and a little snack before heading back on the Marshall Gulch trail. Here, the group was happy not to work so hard. And, they were rewarded with beautiful colors of fall. The trees wore beautiful colors, and the ground was littered with so many leaves, they looked like flowers.

They stopped a few times for photos and then finished the hike. Now, well exercised—hunger struck. Satisfied they had seen some of the best views Mt. Lemmon has to offer, they gathered for lunch at the restaurant in Summerhaven.

Everyone really enjoyed the hike and some people had never been there and couldn’t believe that kind of terrain was just two hours up from the desert that we love.