The high cost of dentistry and what is being done about it

Drs. Bob and Debbie Oro

Drs. Bob and Debbie Oro

Patti R. Albaugh and Drs. Debbie and Bob Oro

“The good news is you’re going to live to be 95; the bad news is you’re going to live to be 95.”

SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary was treated to an energetic and informative presentation by Drs. Debbie and Bob Oro on the innovations of modern dentistry that address the dental challenges of our extended life expectancy.

Their message: Dentistry for the 50 plus age group is now about medical histories, quality of life and breathing. Folks used to die of tooth infection well into the 1970s. Then antibiotics became widespread. After that, dentistry became all about quality of life and finding a way to keep teeth for the extended life expectancy.

In 1965 the average 65-year-old had seven teeth. By 1995 the average 65-year-old had 22 teeth. Before, when teeth got infected, dentists took the teeth out and put folks in dentures. Dentures reshaped their faces and were the first sleep apnea appliance. The dentures supported the lower half of the face restoring a more youthful appearance. Dentures kept the tongue from falling back in the throat during sleep and helped prevent sleep apnea.

Now that folks keep their teeth so much longer, dentists see wear and poor bite positions causing the lower face to collapse resulting in breathing problems during sleep. Although these issues had been addressed by full dentures in the previous generations, it is possible to have the health benefits of dentures by saving teeth.

Drs. Debbie and Bob Oro described a new technology: Dental Virtual Facelift. DVF recaptured patients’ youthful faces, but more importantly, the health benefits that are life changing! Breathing is easier! We breathe 17 to 30,000 times a day. DVF not only restores your teeth and your smile, but also rejuvenates your face while helping you breathe more easily and sleep better every day.

With all of the medical advances allowing us to live longer lives and with dental advances that can keep natural teeth for the extended life expectancy, we sure have something to smile about!

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