Forget serious – Let’s have fun

The big winners of the Poker Run - April 2017

The big winners of the Poker Run – April 2017

Bob White

After all, isn’t that what living in SaddleBrooke and the Ranch can be all about? We have golf, tennis, swimming, multitude arts and crafts, social get-togethers, biking, motorcycling and on and on. Just look into our local newspapers or the Source Book™ and check out folks having fun with new friends and neighbors. Oh yes, we have dancing, lots of steps and swings, but in particular I want to point out the most fun (in my humble opinion) and that is square dancing.

Taking for example on a recent April afternoon and evening the Square Dance Club had a Poker Run with cars, trucks and golf carts followed by a pizza party at the HOA 1 tennis courts patio and that followed up by one and a half hours of square dancing.

Starting at 4:00 in the afternoon until after 8:00 in the evening a group of over 66 fun loving folks enjoyed all these activities. The Poker Run involved groups going to five different pre-selected homes and drawing a card for a poker hand. Then it was on to pizza brought over from HOA 1 by our co-vice presidents elect, Cindy and JP Blount, to the tennis court patio. Salad and cold drinks accompanied the pizza. When the platters and plates were licked clean, the tables and chairs moved aside, our square dance caller, Larry Kraber, began his calling magic, calling and singing songs from his unlimited listing of square dance melodies. For some the evening ended too quickly and so many of the dancers stayed around for social time and a rehashing of the great time they had.

The Poker Run had a winner. The best hand and first prize went to Tom and Marilynn Baker. Were the poker hands kept honest? You bet. Father Larry from a local Catholic Church and a very good square dancer was the judge. Folks tried (all in fun) to sway his opinion but to no avail.

As if the square dancing isn’t enough fun by itself, the club extends out to many different activities during the year. Some of these special dances and events are, for example, a picnic/dance in Catalina State Park, a Halloween party/dance at the Catalina Recreation Center in Catalina, a Christmas party and dance in the HOA 1 Activity Center, a progressive dinner followed by a dance and desert. Also, let me not fail to mention the fun of going around to different venues in Tucson, Yuma, Globe, Mesa, Albuquerque and points all around the states as our winter residents’ travel to see the old homestead, kids, grandkids and more places to dance. Just like some could golf or play tennis or play cards nearly every day, so it goes for square dancing – it is all about fun.

Want to join the fun? Very easy; check out our website or give me a call – Bob White, 520-818-9482.