Finally, the author has his day

Bob Edelblut showing off his first Ace

Bob Edelblut showing off his first Ace

Dennis Marchand

In case you haven’t noticed, this has been a banner year for holes-in-one in the MountainView Preserve Men’s Club and it has been the envious honor of our Publicity Director Bob Edelblut to document and be the scribe for all these great successes. Ironically, our honorable publicity director has never had one himself, despite playing for over 65 years, or since the age of seven. You do the math.

Now, our author was not without any highlights this year. Before he reached his 72nd birthday this year he accomplished a task rarer than a hole-in-one. He shot his age with a 71 at MountainView, but never could get that elusive ace.

However, on August 28 at the Preserve on hole No. 6 the drought finally ended. With his brand new 5 Hybrid and standing 160 yards from a blue pin, Bob’s frustration and patience were rewarded. However, as good a shot as it was, no one in his group could really see if it went in the hole (a common malady here at SaddleBrooke). His playing partners for the day, Hardy Pearson, Steve Kore and Dave Corrigan all approached the green to find two balls within 10 feet of the hole. As Bob went to identify his ball, it wasn’t there. And what does every golfer do? Look in the desert? The bunker? Not a chance. Bob went right to the cup to check it out and found his many years of waiting rewarded. It was a bit expensive for our hero seeing that it happened during our Unit 49 tournament and dinner. So, later that day with a big smile and readied credit card, all the unit 49 players (and spouses) were rewarded with a free drink courtesy of his first Ace. Congratulations, Bob, now you can get back to writing these articles.