Double your pleasure

Lynne Kumza

Double your pleasure, double your fun! To be perfectly clear, it’s not Double Mint Gum. It is two luncheons held by the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. The first Chit Chat and Chow (luncheons held at off campus restaurants) was at HiFalutin on Oracle Road. We dressed in Western duds to match the décor of the restaurant. What a fun way to spend a few hours with good friends, delicious food and great camaraderie.

The second luncheon was held at Jeanne Fernandez’ home after our regular Wednesday dance session at the MountainView Ballroom. We have a new name for our home luncheons: Good Friends In The Neighborhood. The food served was Italian fare, served and prepared by a few talented members of the club. The lasagna was baked by none other than our host, Jeanne. Lynne Kumza prepared the chicken cacciatore and Shirley Miller put together the green salad and homemade rolls. The spectacular dessert called tortoni, made by Charli Jackson, finished off the meal perfectly. After all that delicious food and filling our tummies with the yummies, it probably would have been a good idea to go back to the dance floor to burn off some calories. Oh well, maybe another day. Hmmmm! Maybe a nap would be better? But, we do have to refuel now and then rest our tootsies and relax and get to know our fellow dancers a little better.

Come join in on all the fun. Come join us as we exercise through dance and socialize through luncheons and parties held throughout the year. You can learn the basic line dances at our novice sessions, move on to beginners, intermediate and the heart pounding of more advanced dancing. More personal instruction is available at workshops for all levels. Be sure to check out our website for times, places, photos, videos and much more at or contact Terri Gage at The cost to join our club is a mere $10 a year. Wow! See you on the dance floor.