“Cream of Wheat”

Stuart Watkins

This not a usual Stuart Joke…You know what I mean.

I decided to ask Jeanette if she would like a bowl of cream of wheat for breakfast.

She replied yes.

So, I got up, weaved my way to the kitchen, found the bag of cream of wheat, got a pot out of the pot drawer, turned on the number one grill and put it on hot for a quick breakfast delivery.

When the water was boiling, I added the salt and then added the cream of wheat.

Was I careful to continuously whisk the cream of wheat?

Of course.

Then when the appropriate thickness occurred, I removed the pot from the stove.

Placing her bowl on the bed-room delivery tray, I placed the butter dish and sugar container on her tray so she could add the amounts she preferred.

A napkin and spoon on the tray, of course.

Her diet coke and full glass of ice had already been delivered to her bedside.

I delivered her bowl and mine to our bed to watch our stock adviser, Stuart Varney.

I was about to take a spoonful from my bowl and noticed she had eaten only one spoonful.

What is the matter?

She asked if I followed the directions.

“Of course I did,” I answered.

I put in two cups of water for two servings, 3/4 cup of salt, and 1/3rd cup of cream of wheat.

She blurted out, “Idiot, it calls for 3/4 TEASPOON of salt.

I kept on eating my bowl of cream of wheat.

What else could I do?