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Softball crowns winter champs

2017 Winter Season Monday Recreation League Champion – Webbscapes Landscaping, back row: Dave Good, Bobbi Noffsinger, Manager Tim Benjamin, Brian Shipman, John Vosper, Ken Schuttler; front row: Jason Noffsinger, Don Nolin, Gloria Krom, Janice Mihora, Mary Schneck, Greg Morgan

Carol Chiarello The five week Winter Softball Season has ended. It began January nine and went until April 21. Thank you to Pat Tiefenbach and Jim Smith for our team photos. Let’s see the results: Monday Recreation – This was close but Webbscapes Landscaping, led by manager Tim Benjamin, came in first with a record of…

The 2017 President’s Cup belongs to Dean Hampton

Left to right: Dean Hampton, Special Events Director David Cohen, President Bob Eder

Bob Edelblut The MPMGA Men’s Club held this year’s President’s Cup Tournament on Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31. Once again the Preserve and MountainView Golf Clubs provided all the challenge the contestants could handle and as all of you know so well Mother Nature was also a factor. A bit of everything described…

Thank you

Sadie Hawkins co-chairs Takeyo Eaken and Connie Culley graciously thank Spirit West sponsor Kevin Schaeffer for his involvement in the luncheon.

Connie’s Ace

Connie Sherman scored a hole-in-one on Thursday, March 2, 2017. She holed her ball out on No. 11 at The Preserve, using a six hybrid. This was her first swing of the day, as her foursome (Ellen Victor, Kate Pope and Pam Burnett) started on No. 11 in the shotgun start. Congratulations, Connie!

Cully and DeHart

Allen DeHart, Dave Thomas, President of SaddleBrooke Links Players Fellowship and Alan Culley, winner of the 2017 Links Cup

No, they’re not practicing attorneys and please don’t call them about a medical malpractice suit. What they are are two winners in the annual competition for the Links Cup. This is the fourth year the cup has been contested and there has been a different winner every year. Alan Culley won the cup this year…

Senior Olympics State Swim Meet

Karin Bivens On February 25 eleven SaddleBrooke Swim Club members (Samantha Martoni, Don Merritt, Ken McKinney, Nancy Pepek, Harold Peter, Robert Sears, Craig Shaffer, Gloria Tolaro, Ke Wang, Al Worth and Karin Bivens) competed in the Senior Olympics State Meet held at the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center in Chandler, Arizona. The meet was well-organized. Staff…

Tennis players, SaddleBrooke Tennis Club wants you!

TJ Duffy SaddleBrooke Tennis Club has much to offer for every level of player from the beginner to the expert. Are you interested in knowing more about tennis activity at SaddleBrooke? Visit the Tennis Center Home page, view a video of some of our activities and listen to members tell what STC offers. To navigate…