Can I still dance this spring? Barely!

Look at those winter clothes, good thing the cold and damp weather wrung some wrinkle out of our storage spaces. Great fun was had line dancing during the cold stretches of our unusual season. Bring on the shorts!

Dr. Mark Magdanz

The first classes began on April 22, so don’t delay. You may catch up if you inquire now and have some fitness. Should you learn Line Dancing from a professional instructor? Yes, for an easier, safer and less frustrating experience. Rebecca has a deep commitment to your fun and rapid development of expertise. If you have previously tried dancing and quit from frustration, try it again; the only ones who fail with Rebecca are those who quit. Develop the first stage skills and fitness-dance for life. Rebecca has one abiding purpose in teaching line dance, she loves the joy and accomplishment on the faces of her students.

A Special note for Men: If you ever plan to learn to dance with your wife, I suggest you learn some line dance first! Learning to move my feet, direct an (often frustrated) wife, decide the next move and avoid collisions on the floor was about the most frustrating activity ever for me. Line dancing first would have helped so much. I have fantasized that I learned to line dance first.

This spring series of nine classes for Beginner/Level 1 dancing began Monday, April 22. The Level 1 Beginner series will run through June. Lessons are on Monday and/or Thursday. You can take one-or progress faster with both sessions. Series packages are prepaid prior to beginning class. Level 1 dancers can move up to the quicker Level 2 as they develop stamina, confidence and basic dance skills. Rebecca’s dancers also can move up and down between dance Levels as they progress through injuries, aging and life’s many changes.

April 22 and 23 also saw the start of Level 2 (Easy Intermediate) class. You may wish to reserve your summer and fall space now as classes book far in advance. The Level 2 series is also nine lessons. Classes are on Monday and/or Tuesdays. Some of the happiest students take both.

Thursday afternoons are terrific for highly active Level 2 dancers. A mix of cardio and review dances in a rapid fire “party” format is great fun. Thursday sessions run year-round and review oldies and brand-new dances from current series. Prior Level 2 lessons are required for your successful transition to these “Happy Feet” sessions. No one remembers all the dances (Rebecca has taught over 300 in SaddleBrooke), so a brief walk through and consistent dance step calling support is included. The goal is laughter and a great cardio workout. Calendars are emailed for weekly sessions.

For information and placing your name on reservation lists, contact Rebecca Magdanz at or phone 818-2656. Rebecca is soon a 14-year, full-time SaddleBrooke resident. Her dance history includes: lessons since age eight, dance performance in HS, Fred Astaire ballroom training, choreographing and publishing dances, performing and posting YouTube videos of several dances. Rebecca is in her 11th year as a professional line dance instructor in SaddleBrooke.