Ballroom Dance Club elects new officers

Dottie Adams, Kathleen Dunbar, Brian Hand and Wanda Ross

Wanda Ross

New officers were elected for the SaddleBrooke Ballroom Dance Club at our General Meeting in April; Brian Hand as President, Kathleen Dunbar as Vice President, Dottie Adams as Secretary and Wanda Ross as Treasurer. The vision for the Board is to help both those people who want to get back into dancing and those who wish to learn to dance.

President Brian Hand and his wife Sheila Honey moved to SaddleBrooke 1.5 years ago from Austin, Texas to be near Brian’s mother who lives here. Brian, who has been dancing for 30 years and has competed on the Country Music Dance Circuit, was quick to join the club. He and Sheila are impressed by the friendliness of the dancers; they couldn’t have been more welcoming. In addition to leading the club in his role as President, Brian is a dance instructor here.

Vice President Kathleen Dunbar and her husband Dick moved here from Tucson three years ago after investigating retirement communities and deciding that the best one was in their own back yard. They joined the Ballroom Dance Club a few months later and starting taking lessons. Dick was hesitant at first but thanks to the fun and welcoming members of the club, ballroom dancing now is one of his favorite activities. In addition to serving as Vice President, Kathleen chairs the Dance Party Committee and creates flyers and materials for our dance parties and lessons.

Treasurer Dottie Adams and her husband Harry moved here nearly 12 years ago from the Chicago area. After starting with line dancing, they saw some ballroom dancers having so much fun that they joined the Ballroom Dance Club eight years ago. It has been a great way to make new friends and have fun. In addition to serving as Treasurer, Dottie is a dance instructor here, teaching both with her husband and with other instructors who need a partner. She also serves on the Dance Party Committee.

Secretary Wanda Ross moved here nearly three years ago from Silicon Valley, California. She eagerly joined the Ballroom Dance Club and started taking lessons. As a single woman, she attended dance lessons without a partner. She was warmly welcomed and quickly learned that both instructors and participants were very nice about sharing their partners so everyone could dance and learn. In addition to serving as Secretary, Wanda writes publicity for the Dance Club.

Feel free to chat with any of the officers about the dance club or to email us at,, or For more information about membership, dance classes and more, go to our club website at Membership in the SaddleBrooke Ballroom Dance Club is only $15 per year, so join us and let the fun begin.