Apple Pie and 4th of July at SaddleBrooke Tennis Club

Jay Clayton Wilson

Apple pie and ice cream on the shaded SaddleBrooke Tennis Club patio; SaddleBrooke celebrated American Independence Day in classic style. Friendly tennis matches began the festivities. That was followed by a matchless spread of delicious dishes prepared to perfection by our wonderful volunteers. Then came the long awaited main event. Apple pie and ice cream were served to more than 80 STC members and their guests.

STC is widely known throughout the SaddleBrooke community for its delightful social functions. For years Debbie McGeehan has promoted the ever-popular entertainment occasions that celebrate our major holidays. Debbie is blessed to have a certain touch that inspires volunteers and results in fabulous parties. STC is blessed to have Debbie.

It was Debbie McGeehan’s appreciation for American tradition that led her to envision apple pie to celebrate Independence Day. It was her genius that led her to have fun with the idea by including an old fashioned pie baking contest. Seven of our imaginative volunteers would bake the pies and give them special names. In fact, each volunteer would bake two pies. Fourteen apple pies for the party. Wow! Then she invited the SaddleBrooke Fire Department firemen to taste the pies and select the contest winner. Dutifully engaged in tasteful savoring, the firemen took a pole, ‘er poll, and decided that first place should be awarded to Connie Culley for her “Nutty Apple Praline Pie.” That was a hot choice. Her prize – a tennis lesson with her choice of STC pros.

The second place prize went to Ritchel Duffy who created “Apple Of My Pie” for the contest. We are fortunate that she was able to protect her pies from preliminary taste testing by her husband, TJ. Third place was awarded to Kathleen Wood for her “Better Than Tennis Apple Pie,” a delightful smash that was greatly appreciated by the players who returned from challenging matches on the adjacent courts. The other contestants were awarded their empty pie plates at the end of the party. Nancy Hunter produced her delicious “Yankee Doodle Brandy” apple pie. Brandy added a nice emphasis to the spices she incorporated into the filling. Johanna Pawelczyk baked her “Love 40” pies (or more) and everyone said, “The more the better.” Sandy Stettler made “Sweet Dreams Apple Pie” and it was dreamy. Mary Zimmerman used a back-home recipe for her pies which she named “Wenatchee Wonder” after a Washington landmark.

Leaving room for our delicious dessert was a challenge because Diane Ray, Cheryl Fay, Bea Dillehunt, Joanie Dragon and Bonnie Johnson spread out dozens of treats for the party. These volunteers provided BBQ, meatballs, tuna, pasta, watermelon, spiced beans, pot stickers, fruit plates and all the trimmings to compete with apple pie and ice cream. The serving line started at the Tennis Center door where Judy Renfrow and Susi Fantin greeted everyone and gave nametags.

To make things even more cheerful Ron Hunter provided patriotic music and the entire STC patio was colorfully decorated by Debbie McGeehan, Sue Case, Stephanie Thomas and Marie Kahng. Plenty of tables and chairs were set up on the patio by faithful volunteers Rufus Renfrow, Chad Stettler, Liam Flynn, Jerry Fay and Randy Zimmerman.

Referees and linesmen are not necessary to prove that STC is devoted to the health and happiness of all SaddleBrooke residents. Our tennis programs and social events are all the evidence that is needed. Join us to take advantage of this marvelous venue. Just call Membership Chair Connie Kacer, 825-7585 or the STC office, 825-0255. It’s that easy.