SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Fostering Toby

Beth Conquest

Toby was a senior dog with several health concerns that was brought to Pima County Animal Care Center as a stray. He was rescued by Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary and is currently fostered in SB. Senior, or special needs dogs, like Toby are frequently passed over in shelters and have very little chance of ever finding a home. Yet they don’t deserve to spend their final days alone. Offering to foster means they will have a chance at happiness. You will provide the love, warmth and comfort that they wouldn’t get in a kennel, and sadly, in all too many cases, they may have never known before. Others who have spent their entire lives with a family may have a particularly difficult time adapting to being abandoned in a strange and noisy environment. They are confused and bewildered and may suffer psychologically. These dogs stand a better chance if awaiting adoption in a home. You just might be the difference between life and death for that dog; a feeling that is impossible to describe.

There are opportunities to foster for a few weeks, months or the dog’s entire life. Whatever time you can offer, there is a dog (or cat) in need that you can help.

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