The 2017 Pima Cup season is underway

Bob Edelblut

By mid-March the MPMGA had already played in four Pima Cup events. Look at this schedule: December 6 at the La Paloma Country Club, January 25 at the Forty Niners Golf Club, February 27 at the Highlands at Dove Mountain and March 6 at the SaddleBrooke Golf Course. Great courses and equally great competitions and, yes, the season is only half over.

The MPMGA’s opponent at La Paloma on December 6 was the team from SaddleBrooke Ranch and I must say they brought their A+ plus games. Our A team of Doug Johnson and Peter Backer, our B team of Rich Hicks and Ron Victor and our C team of Len Raab and John Wrbanek all played well but on this day were no match for the team from the Ranch. Not to worry—our day will come.

At the Forty Niners Club the MPMGA actually played two matches, one against the La Paloma Country Club team and the other against the SaddleBrooke HOA 1 team. Our A team of Shel Jahn and Ilaan Eisenberg, our B team of Tom Fitzgerald and Tom Quinn and our C team John Bidegain and John Wrbanek scored 29 points easily beating the La Paloma team and finishing in second place for the day. In the second match our teams scored 27 points and tied the match with the team from SaddleBrooke HOA 1. Matt Kambic and Bob Eder were our A players, Rich Hicks and Ted Olson were our B team and Ron Pozzi and Jack Hammer were the C team. Great playing, gentlemen!

The Highlands at Dove Mountain hosted the February 27 event and our opponent this time was the team from Ventana Canyon. Dennis Marchand and Shel Jahn were our A players, Larry McNamee and Matt Kambic played on the B team and Daryl Henderson and John Bidegan were our C team. Once again our teams encountered a group of good players having great rounds and we lost all three matches. Thanks, gentlemen, for all your effort.

The SaddleBrooke Golf Club was the host course for the March 6 tournament and the 12:30 shotgun start insured perfect weather. Bob Eder and Ron Tie were our A players, Ted Olson and Bob Edelblut were our B players and Harvey Cotter and Gary Barnard made up our C team. Congratulations, gentleman, for winning all three matches and finishing first for the day with 31 points. Can it be any better? Of course it can, and all of us are confident that our Men’s Club Pima Cup coordinator Ron Victor will continue to pull the right strings. You are on a roll, Ron, and all we can say is “Thank you.”