2 Your Health: Take back your health with the Happy Vegan Couple

The Happy Vegan Couple, Denise Rose and Georgie Campas

The Happy Vegan Couple, Denise Rose and Georgie Campas

Denise Rose

Do you know that mainstream medical organizations now concur a whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diet is optimal for human health? These groups include the American Dietetic Association, Kaiser Permanente, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and the World Health Organization. Despite the recommendations of these groups, many medical professionals do not advocate this knowledge to their patients. Several reasons exist for this lack of advocacy including a lack of nutrition training in medical school, powerful lobbyists from the food industries and medical professionals’ unwillingness to change their diets due to food addictions and love of animal products.

Nevertheless, despite the medical community’s lack of advocacy, evidence-based scientific data showing the healing properties of WFPB nutrition is proliferating. The data show that common chronic diseases can be prevented and reversed with a significant change in diet. And the drugs people take for these diseases can often be stopped or their doses lowered significantly. These diseases include hypertension, heart disease, type2 diabetes, arthritis and auto-immune conditions. Even some cancer patients find that WFPB nutrition can positively impact tumor remission.

So what’s a person to do when one wants to improve their health but the traditional medical community is not yet up to speed on advocating a new paradigm for how we eat? Well, the Happy Vegan Couple from Oro Valley is here to help!

The Happy Vegan Couple, comprised of Denise Rose and Georgie Campas, are WFPB educators who invite people to their home for a class in WFPB nutrition. Called a Happy Vegan Couple House Party, guests learn about the three great benefits to plant-based eating, observe a cooking demo, eat great food prepared by chef Georgie and are educated on how to become successful WFPB eaters. Denise Rose, Ph.D., has been a vegetarian for 42 years, a vegan for five and an educator throughout her life. Georgie, an accomplished cook, ate the Standard American Diet for 58 years and became plant-based in May, 2014. They have Facebook and YouTube pages under the name Happy Vegan Couple where they post cooking videos and more. Besides offering House Parties, the Happy Vegan Couple do community cooking demos on WFPB nutrition and personal coaching. People wanting to take back their health by adopting a WFPB diet can contact the Happy Vegan Couple for help with embarking on this life affirming, health promoting lifestyle at derose@comcast.net or 708-524-0539.